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Friday, 5 July 2013

India and Vietnam set up Joint Panel for ICT Sector

India and Vietnam on 4 July 2013 have set up a six member joint committee to outline a plan for collaboration in the field of information and communications technology.

The representatives are each from the Department of Telecommunications, Deity as well as other higher posts. Vietnam will nominate three people and within two months it will come up with a collaboration plan for future.

The Indian side has also asked Vietnam to set up an electronics cluster in the country in the form of a city. India has welcomed the idea of the business community investing in India in the electronics cluster side but the roadmap for that will be set once the joint committee meets and they set out specific programmes through which this collaboration will take place. The countries also signed two MoUs for partnership in the field of communications.

It is worth mentioning here that Vietnam has great strengths in hardware but to become a software superpower they need collaboration with India on the software side and they already have been invited by India to collaborate on the hardware front.


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