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Friday, 23 August 2013

Kerala High Court granted Bail to Shalu Menon and Tenny Jopan

The Kerala High Court on 23 August 2013 granted bail to actor Shalu Menon and Tenny Jopan, arrested in connection with the Solar Scam. Justice SS Satheesachandran directed actor Shalu Menon to furnish a bond for one lakh rupees and two solvent sureties for the like sum. The Court asked Tenny Jopan to furnish a bond for 50000 rupees and two solvent sureties.
The duo has been asked not to leave the state for six months. Actor Shalu Menon is accused of abetting the key accused in the solar scam, Biju Radhakrishnan, for defrauding 20 lakh rupees from a Thiruvananthapuram resident.
Kerala solar panel scam 2013 involved a fraudulent solar energy company, Team Solar, in Kerala, India, which used two women to develop political contacts with links even to the Chief Minister's office. It duped several people of crores of rupees, by offering to install solar power units for them and receiving advance payments for the installation.

The Team Solar Energy Company (Team Solar) was floated by the main accused Saritha Nair, an actress and director of the company.


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