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Monday, 22 July 2013

Panel Appointed by Interim President Started Egypt Constitution Amendment Task

The 10-member panel of legal experts, which was appointed by the interim President Adly Mansour started off the work on 21 July 2013 in order to amend the constitution of Egypt. The panel has the time duration of 30 days in order to draft the changes in the constitution, thereby clearing the route for the presidential as well as parliamentary elections.

It is important to note that the previous constitution of Egypt which was framed by the government under Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, has been suspended.

In yet another development, it is important to note that Jordan's King Abdullah on 20 July 2013 became the first Arab leader to visit Egypt ever since its fall of government.

Under the interim President’s decree which was announced on 20 July 2013, a committee or panel which was composed of four university professors and six judges was asked to present the amendments to larger 50-member panel which comprised of politicians, religious officials, army officers as well as unionists.


The previous constitution of Egypt which was Morsi-backed was approved in the referendum in December 2012. However, this was said to be the most debatable measures by Morsi in his year in the office. The opponents of that constitution opined that the charter was highly Islamist in terms of content and that it did not protect freedom of expression and religion.


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