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Sunday, 7 July 2013

North and South Korea held Talks over Re-opening Joint Industrial Zone Kaesong

North and South Korea held talks on 6 July 2013 over re-opening a joint industrial zone seen as the last remaining symbol of cross-border reconciliation. The talks followed months of friction and threats of war by North Korea after its February nuclear test attracted tougher UN sanctions, deteriorating its economic situation.
Kaesong was the most high-profile casualty of the elevated tensions on the Korean peninsula but neither country has declared the complex officially closed, instead referring to a temporary shutdown.
Both nations stated that they wanted to reopen the Seoul-funded industrial zone on the North Korean side of the border but blame each other for its suspension. North Korea, citing military tensions and the South's hostility toward the North, in April withdrew its 53000 workers from the 123 South Korea-owned factories at the Kaesong Park.
North and South Korea discussed issues of checking on mothballed factory facilities and equipment, moving finished products and raw materials held up at Kaesong to the South and the reopening of the zone.
Re-opening a joint industrial zone is seen as the last remaining symbol of cross-border reconciliation.


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