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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Douglas Engelbart, Father of the Mouse died at the Age of 88

Douglas Engelbart, the U.S. inventor who was known as the father of the computer mouse died on 3 July 2013 at age of 88.

Douglas Engelbart, was a technologist who laid out a vision of an Internet decades before others brought those ideas to the mass market. He was a scientist and engineer who devoted himself to find ways to use computers to improve people's lives.

He is survived by Karen O'Leary Engelbart, his second wife, and four children: Gerda, Diana, Christina and Norman. His wife Ballard died in 1997.

About Douglas Engelbart

• Douglas Carl Engelbart was born on 30 January, 1925 in Portland to a radio repairman father and a homemaker mother.
• He enrolled at Oregon State University, but was drafted into the U.S. Navy and shipped to the Pacific before he could graduate.
• He resolved to change the world as a computer scientist after coming across a 1945 article by Vannevar Bush, the head of the US Office of Scientific Research, while scouring a Red Cross library in a native hut in the Philippines.
• Engelbart took a teaching position at the University of California, after returning from England.
• He took a job at SRI in 1957, and by the early-1960s Engelbart led a team had begun to seriously investigate tools for interactive computing.


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